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23rd SepLevel 2 Success

I am very pleased to be able to announce that Annette Golding passed her Level 2 Assessment watching today and will become a full member of ERHUA. Well done Annette!

21st SepUpdating Availability

Members taking appointments are requested to ensure that they update their availability when their personal circumstances change. When an umpire becomes unable to fulfil an appointment, it is not helpful when somebody else is appointed as a replacement only for the relevant appointments secretary to have to repeat the process because the selected replacement umpire is no longer available, particularly if it had been necessary to change a number of appointments to facilitate that change.

20th SepWomen's Appointments

The schedule of women's games requiring KHUA umpires is not even early in the season this year and until things settle down in October, we are having to use available umpires on a 'needs must' basis. That will mean A1 umpires officiating Kent Premier games on occasion; we will endeavour to get back to normal as soon as possible, matching umpire grades to relevant divisions and game standards etc.

17th SepPitch Checks

Please be aware that one of our members found a used and discarded syringe within the playing area fence of a Kent club pitch on Saturday (16 September). Such hazardous items need to be removed before play starts which is the responsibility of the home/hosting club (mindful of potential sharps injury) and the game should not start until this has been done.

15th SepWomen's Appointments

Please be aware that we are unable to release the appointments for women's games until ERHUA have issued the regional appointments - KHUA only just has sufficient umpires if we use our Level 2 umpires when they are not required by ERHUA.

12th SepNotice to Clubs: Women's Teams - New Season Actions Outstanding

With just over 11 days at the date of posting this notice to go to the first full Saturday of the season (23 September), a number of clubs with women's teams in E1S, E2SE and Kent Premier leagues have not added their home games' PB times to the KHUA Website data, or not provided the names of their women's pool umpires, or their nomination is not available, or not provided an alternative umpire where a notified umpire is not available. Please note that I will not be appointing umpires to games involving teams that do not fulfil their obligations and will be reporting such failures to fulfil obligations to the relevant leagues authorities; consequently, points deductions are likely to occur from this date - you have been warned!

Chris Peart
Women's Appointments Secretary

10th SepWebsite Glitch

Members should be aware that our website is suffering a glitch which prevents the automatic link to see the full text of notices working properly. The full text can be accessed through the Information - News Drop-Down Box option.

8th SepENGLAND HOCKEY - Transgender Policy 2017

It should be noted that the above policy document has been posted to the website under the Information button then look in the Policies section


Notice to Level 1 course organisers who are looking for a conductor, Jackie Gibbs is more than happy to be contacted. Her e mail address

7th SepCanterbury Christ Church University Men's 2's. - Umpires


I have been contacted by the current Captain of CCU Men's 2nds. They are looking for two umpires for Wednesday games at Polo Farm on the following dates, commencing between 13.00 and 17.00hrs. (TBC) I am certainly up for it....providing it does not clash with games at UKC.

11th. October, 1st. November, 8th. November 2017, 31st. January, 14th. March 2018.

These will not be KHUA Appointments and expenses will be paid direct to the umpires at the rate of £21.00 per appointment on the day. If you are interested please let me know your availability and once times are confirmed I will get back to you.

Thanks and regards

Malcolm Hasler - KHUA

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