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19th JanNew Member

KHUA extends a warm welcome to Simon Chapman (Gravesham & Wellcome HC) who recently achieved EH Club Umpire Assessed (Level 1) accreditation and has joined our association.

16th JanWomen’s Appointments Changes - 20 January 2018

Due to ERHUA needing to ‘pull’ an umpire to an East Premier game, It has been necessary to re-shuffle a number of KHUA Appointments to cover gaps on what is a particularly ‘busy’ Saturday. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

14th Dec (2017)New Members

KHUA extends a warm welcome to Alexander Coppleman (Holcombe HC) and to Adam Fox (Ashford HC) who were recently awarded EH Club Umpire Assessed (old Level 1) accreditation and have joined our Associstion.

9th Dec (2017)Cold Weather

If your game is called off due to bad weather, please remember not to use the Match Cancelled button in your personal area but notify the Appointments Secretary via e-mail who will delete the appointment.

4th Dec (2017)Level 2 Indoor Success

Congratulations to Jason Davies and Mark Tompkins who both recently attained their Level 2 Indoor Umpire Awards with ERHUA.

29th Nov (2017)Bad Weather & Match Cancellations

Now that the colder weather has arrived it is appropriate to remind members that if they are notified that a decision has been taken that a scheduled fixture can not be played and umpires are notified that the game has been called off:

- The relevant appointments are no longer valid and appointed umpires cannot be reinstated on the same day (e.g. because the away team has travelled and disagrees with the decision) without the agreement of the relevant appointments secretary. If under such circumstances umpires elect to travel, there is no entitlement to expenses reimbursement nor is the umpire insurance liability cover in place; these entitlements terminate when the game is cancelled (only expenses already incurred when cancellation notification is received will be met).

- The ‘Cancelled’ button within the Match feedback section of the personal area area is not to be used. Instead the relevant Appointments Secretary is to be notified via e-mail and they will delete the appointment. Where travel expenses have been incurred prior to notification being received, this should be included in the e-mail which should be copied to our Treasurer.

Chris Peart

13th Nov (2017)Rule Clarification - Penalty Stroke/Flick.

Dear Colleagues,

Further to an occurrence in a game a few weeks ago and a question asked of me this last weekend, may I thank our esteemed colleague, Andy Mair, for this clarification.

The question was..."Can a team bring on a substitute to take a Penalty Stroke even if that player has taken no part in the game up to the point that the Penalty Stroke was awarded.

The answer may come as surprise to some of included and the majority to whom I spoke to on the matter of the question.

So for consistency....

"The team are perfectly within their rights to bring on a player from the bench to take the Penalty Stroke. It is only the Penalty Corner situation which prevents ‘substitution’ of players in this case. The player doesn’t even HAVE to go and sit back on the bench after the penalty has been taken, as they can be ‘substituted’ on, as long as the team has the requisite number of players (taking into account suspensions) at the restart etc."

So there we have it.


Malcolm Hasler

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