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17th NovRequest for Indoor Umpires - External Non-KHUA Event

Sutton Valence School is looking for indoor umpires to support a tournament scheduled for Friday, 24 November 1-6PM. If anybody can help the school, please contact James Henderson direct ( or 01622-846200) and ask for James Henderson).

17th NovIndoor Fixtures & Appointments Functionality

The website functionality for indoor fixtures is now working correctly and will be in use from 17 November 2017. Members who were previously qualified as indoor umpires will now notice they now hold indoor panel grades for KHUA (NPUA, SCHUA/ERHUA or Kent reflecting the old Level 3, 2 or 1 rspectively).

13th NovRule Clarification - Penalty Stroke/Flick.

Dear Colleagues,

Further to an occurrence in a game a few weeks ago and a question asked of me this last weekend, may I thank our esteemed colleague, Andy Mair, for this clarification.

The question was..."Can a team bring on a substitute to take a Penalty Stroke even if that player has taken no part in the game up to the point that the Penalty Stroke was awarded.

The answer may come as surprise to some of included and the majority to whom I spoke to on the matter of the question.

So for consistency....

"The team are perfectly within their rights to bring on a player from the bench to take the Penalty Stroke. It is only the Penalty Corner situation which prevents ‘substitution’ of players in this case. The player doesn’t even HAVE to go and sit back on the bench after the penalty has been taken, as they can be ‘substituted’ on, as long as the team has the requisite number of players (taking into account suspensions) at the restart etc."

So there we have it.


Malcolm Hasler

1st NovKHUA Membership - Subscriptions Collection Completion

To allow the delayed but ongoing subscriptions collection process to conclude sensibly, all Season 2016-17 memberships will remain valid until midnight on 30 November 2017.

18th OctClubs Confirming Appointment Game Details

Prior to any weekend fixtures, that is for Saturday and Sunday Appointments, the Club Umpiring Liaison Officer, or the designated Club/Team Responsible Person, must establish two way positive personal contact with the appointed umpires for all games no later than 10.00pm on the Tuesday Evening preceding the weekend. For clarity, positive personal contact means if an email is sent that a reply is received (not an "out of office reply"), if a text is sent that a reply is received, if by voice mail that a reply is received or if by any other means of communication a personal reply is received by the deadline.

If no response is received from the Appointed Umpire/s by 10.00pm on the Tuesday evening preceding the weekend appointments, the Club Umpiring Liaison Officer or designated Club/Team Responsible Person must contact the relevant Appointments Secretary who will either contact the umpire or make alternative appointment/s.

In respect to any Midweek fixtures (Wednesdays), the above is to apply but with the two way positive personal contact to be achieved no later than 10.00pm on the preceding Friday.

You are reminded that Clubs failing to co-operate with the above will be fined (£20.00 per appointment) and persistent failures may result in umpires either being withdrawn or Clubs not receiving appointed umpires.

It is the sincere hope of the KHUA Management Team that Clubs will co-operate with this revised policy to make the system work.

16th OctNew Members

KHUA extends a warm welcome to Nick Barton (Herne Bay HC), Kathy Carrick (Burnt Ash HC), Robin Cathcart (Herne Bay HC), Joel Divers (Gillingham Anchorians HC), Heather Knight (Burnt Ash HC), Phillip Skillen (Gillingham Anchorians HC) and Lindi du Toit (Meopham HC) who all recently completed accreditation with EH and have joined our association.

11th OctPlayer - Umpire Attitude and Respect

It is still relatively early in the season but it is timely to remind umpires that we need to display appropriate engaging attitude and respect towards players whilst officiating, responding firmly but calmly in all instances where somebody ‘crosses the line’. Effective player management can be challenging to achieve but is vitally important if all three teams on the pitch are to enjoy themselves which is after what we are seeking to achieve. I have asked Chairman KHA to send a similar message to clubs and players which hopefully will help to generate a more open and collaborative attitude moving forward but we umpires do need to play our part and, to some extent, set the right example. I know I can you rely on you all to do that and I wish you all an enjoyable and rewarding season.

Chris Peart
Chairman KHUA

11th OctKent Schools’ Girls U18 Indoor Tournament Posted As Outdoor Fixture

The continuing difficulties with the Indoor Fixtures and Appointments website functionality was preventing members entering their availability. The Girls U18 Tounament on 9 November has now been entered as an Outdoor Fixture in the same way as the U16 event has been promulgated; members should now be able to enter availability.

7th OctUmpiring Course - 10 December 2017

Folkestone HC are hosting an EH Level 1 Umpiring Course on 10 December 2017. Further details and application are through the EH Website at under OFFICIATE - UMPIRING - FIND A COURSE (More) menu selections.

7th OctUmpiring Course - 12 November 2017

Old Williamsonians HC are hosting an EH Level 1 Umpiring Course on 12 November 2017. Further details and application are through the EH Website at under OFFICIATE - UMPIRING - FIND A COURSE (More) menu selections.

29th SepWebsite glitch - 10th September

The glitch that was advised on 10th September is now fixed

21st SepUpdating Availability

Members taking appointments are requested to ensure that they update their availability when their personal circumstances change. When an umpire becomes unable to fulfil an appointment, it is not helpful when somebody else is appointed as a replacement only for the relevant appointments secretary to have to repeat the process because the selected replacement umpire is no longer available, particularly if it had been necessary to change a number of appointments to facilitate that change.

17th SepPitch Checks

Please be aware that one of our members found a used and discarded syringe within the playing area fence of a Kent club pitch on Saturday (16 September). Such hazardous items need to be removed before play starts which is the responsibility of the home/hosting club (mindful of potential sharps injury) and the game should not start until this has been done.

12th SepNotice to Clubs: Women's Teams - New Season Actions Outstanding

With just over 11 days at the date of posting this notice to go to the first full Saturday of the season (23 September), a number of clubs with women's teams in E1S, E2SE and Kent Premier leagues have not added their home games' PB times to the KHUA Website data, or not provided the names of their women's pool umpires, or their nomination is not available, or not provided an alternative umpire where a notified umpire is not available. Please note that I will not be appointing umpires to games involving teams that do not fulfil their obligations and will be reporting such failures to fulfil obligations to the relevant leagues authorities; consequently, points deductions are likely to occur from this date - you have been warned!

Chris Peart
Women's Appointments Secretary

10th SepWebsite Glitch

Members should be aware that our website is suffering a glitch which prevents the automatic link to see the full text of notices working properly. The full text can be accessed through the Information - News Drop-Down Box option.

8th SepENGLAND HOCKEY - Transgender Policy 2017

It should be noted that the above policy document has been posted to the website under the Information button then look in the Policies section


Notice to Level 1 course organisers who are looking for a conductor, Jackie Gibbs is more than happy to be contacted. Her e mail address

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