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12th FebFirst Reminder - Club Umpire Appointment Invoices.

Dear Club Treasurers & Officials.

Payment of the above, that were sent out on the 24th. January, are due by close of play on the 21st. February if "Late Payment Administration Charges" are to be avoided. Many thanks to those Clubs that have paid already. According to the records held by the Treasurer the following Clubs are politely reminded that they have until the 21st. February to make due payment.
Bromley & Beckenham HC, Burnt Ash HC, Herne Bay HC, Kings & Alleyn's HC, Old Bordenians HC and the University of Kent HC.
The invoices were sent out to the persons identified on the Club's Area on the KHUA Website in accordance with GDPR.
If you have any problems with the above please contact the KHUA Treasurer.


Malcolm Hasler
KHUA Treasurer


Hopefully similar format and all being well 4 centres and we will need a good sized team.
Bonus it'll be way warmer...
Simon Begg will contact the original team again to see how they are fixed.
So this is just an FYI and diary note please.
Of course new umpires always welcome. Let Simon know.

Peter Worrall (for and on behalf of Simon Begg)

27th JanKHUA clothing sale

We are holding in stock a few items of "Appointed Umpires" clothing that were the result of orders cancelled or where sizes were changed.
TO CLEAR THESE WE ARE OFFERING THEM AT HALF PRICE. There are only 1 each of these items so they are first come first served!
They are:
Gillet MENS SIZE 38"
Tracksuit bottoms WAIST 38" LEG 34"
Black leisure wear polo shirt LADIES SIZE 12
If you wish to take advantage of this one off opportunity please order through the shop in the normal way and I will adjust the order priice on receipt of the order. Dispatch will be immediate provided you have enough in your expenses kitty!
Graham Baldwin
Shop Administrator

25th JanClub/Association Appointments Invoicing 2018/2019

Dear Club/Association Officials.

This is to advise you that all invoices relating to the above for the first half of this season were raised and sent out to each Club's registered contacts yesterday. Due to GDPR many of these have gone out to different Club/Association Officials than previously and Club/Association Officials are asked to check that these reach the Club's Treasurer for payment.

Please can I ask that every Club ensures that they have registered their Club Treasurer's contact points on their Club Area on the KHUA website as this will make my life a lot easier.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Malcolm Hasler
KHUA Treasurer


For those of you who were unlucky enough to have missed the last Members Meeting. I have posted the Power Point presentation which has 19 slides. Contained within those slides is a whole multitude of information which will help you to prepare for matches.
If you look on the website Home Page. Click on the top bar under Information & Downloads button under the heading Umpiring Guidance heading and you will find it.
I commend to you that you make best efforts to read this and I am sure that you will find something useful.
Peter Worrall
Chairman of Selection


With the Men's and Women's Indoor Season drawing to a close I thought we should thank and congratulate Kent members who were appointed to County, Regional and/or National games for their services, whether they be as umpires, umpire managers or technical team.
Kent - Mark Anderson, Graham Baldwin, Jason Davies, Peter Divall, Debbie Garner, Tony Schweitzer and Christopher Shaw.

East - Anne Bartley, Sarah Chapman, Jason Davies, Peter Divall, Debbie Garner, Ann Hopkins and Mark Tompkins

South - Mark Anderson, Peter Divall, Jackie Gibbs and Stephen Mason

National - Peter Divall, Debbie Garner, Jackie Gibbs, Ann Hopkins, Tony Kelleher, Stephen Mason and Mark Tompkins

Peter Divall - Women's Development Officer

18th JanInclement Weather - Cancelled Matches Procedure

Dear Colleagues,

It appears that we are entering an extended period of cold weather with potential for penetrating frost and possibly snow. Inevitably this may result in games being cancelled after early pitch inspections by the home Club. If this looks a possibility it is wise to advise the Umpire Contact for your game of your expected departure time from home so that they know the latest time to contact you to prevent you travelling. Finally, if your game is cancelled, please do not use the Match Cancelled Option on your personal area but instead notify the relevant Fixtures Secretary who will update the system.

Wrap up warm!

Malcolm Hasler
Management Team KHUA

19th Dec (2018)FIH Rule Changes - UK Implementation

I have just received notification from EH that the recently published FIH Rules Changes will not come into effect for UK domestic leagues and below for the remainder of the 2018/19 Season.

We will publish further EH updates on this topic as and when we receive them.

Chris Peart


Amendments to FIH Rules of Hockey to come into force on 1 January
Lausanne, Switzerland: Every second year, the Rules Committee of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) may make proposals to amend the rules of hockey. In 2018, the following proposals have been made by the Committee and approved by the Executive Board:

• Introduction of the match format of four quarters as standard
In international matches, teams have been playing four quarters for some years and it is felt that uniformity in match formats can be achieved when all match formats are based on a four quarter principle. Like in international matches, time is stopped between the awarding of a penalty corner and the taking of that penalty corner. Other than in international matches, where this is covered by FIH Tournament Regulations, time is not stopped to celebrate goals as this was introduced primarily for television coverage. The four quarters has additional advantages at junior levels of the sport in which coaches often umpire youth/school matches and the additional breaks provide for coaching opportunities.

• Removal of Goalkeeping privileges for substitute field player
A mandatory experiment, with effect from 1 January 2019, taking out the option for teams to play with a field player with goalkeeping privileges. Teams have now two options: they either play with a goalkeeper who wears full protective equipment comprising at least headgear, leg guards and kickers and who is also permitted to wear goalkeeping hand protectors and other protective equipment, or they play with only field players. Any change between these options should be treated as a substitution. It is hoped that this experimental rule will enhance safety as field players will no longer have goalkeeping privileges so will not be entitled to use their body to stop shots at goal and it also enhances the promotion of the sport by eliminating the issue of outfield players wearing other shirts to indicate goalkeeping privileges.

• Defending free hits within 5 meters of the circle
The explanation for how to treat free hits for the attacker close to the circle has been changed in Rules 13.2.f. It has now been made clear that players other than the attacker taking the free hit must be at least five meters away, including when they are in their circle. If the attacker however chooses to take the free hit immediately, then defenders who are inside the circle and within five meters from the ball may shadow around the inside of the circle as per the explanation of the rule before 2019. This has the advantage of not preventing the quickly taken free hit which has been widely welcomed by coaches and players, whilst maintaining the 5m rule used everywhere else on the pitch to provide space for the free hit taker.

• Free hits awarded inside the defensive circle
As in Indoor Hockey a defender may now take a free hit awarded in the circle anywhere inside the circle or up to 15 meters from the back-line in line with the location of the offence, parallel to the side-line.

• Completion of a penalty corner
Rule 13.6 that described the completion of a penalty corner for substitution purposes and for a penalty corner at the end of a period, has been deleted. The option that a penalty corner is completed when the ball travels outside the circle for the second time, no longer exists.

These amendments will come into force on 1 January.

This is the link to the Outdoor Rule Book on the FIH website.…/our-official-documents/rules-of-hockey/#

Chairman’s Qualifying Advisory Note:

Please be aware that whilst FIH can specify 1 January 2019 (they have actually been promulgated with a date of 1 January 2109) as an effective date, the changes have to be accepted/agreed by EH and the relevant league committees before they come into effect in the UK. It is normal for such changes to be applied from the start of the next season to allow time for implementation guidance to be prepared. We are waiting notification of how/when these changes will be introduced.

Chris Peart


We would like to remind umpires of the following, when you have received your appointment you are expected to make contact with your colleague in the week prior to your game.

If you have an Assessor or Coach appointed to your game you need to make contact with the Assessor or Coach in the week prior to your game as well.

Remember as part of a team that represents KHUA we need to be as professional as possible.

Peter Divall

9th Aug (2018)Women's World Cup 2018 at Lee Valley

The Women’s World Cup 2018

Courtesy of KHUA saw myself and three aspiring umpires – Jo Swift, Martin Mason and Stephen Mason attending the WWC on Tuesday 31st July, to watch the final play off games, Italy v India and England v Korea for a place in the quarter finals.

An evening of light discussion, scenarios, support and enjoyment ensued.

The Italians dominated the Indians from the beginning, but absorbing all the attacks broke away against the run of play and scored, somewhat knocking the stuffing out of the Italians. We watched the umpires – they were umpiring well, but at times seemed single identities and not a team. In my opinion too far apart with one umpire hugging her back line whilst the play is attacking her colleagues circle?? We were confused– why were they were so far apart? What had they discussed pre match? Who would take what and where on the pitch? Although miked surely you still need to see your colleague. There was no double whistling, no dissension on the pitch, no queries, just us in the stands with a puzzled look! Our discussions threw up why? and perhaps they are trying something new (?). Fortunately us four umpires agreed with most of the decisions!!!!!

Then to the England match. Slightly different outlook here – it was England. We knew they needed to play much better than they had done in their pool games.

We were not only umpires watching now – we were fans as well.

The umpires for this game were in sync. They were on our beloved ‘piece of elastic’, working together, supporting each other. They deserved their high 5 hand slap at the end of the quarters. We were blowing the decisions exactly in perfect time with them. Korea used their referral on our first goal – even we could see from the other end that it was futile.

England playing backwards time and time again, seeming content to sit on the one goal lead – always dangerous as we have seen in many games in the past led us to be screaming for the aerial or hard hit forward ball to create both a chance or Korean mistake – became camped in their 23 where Korea pressed and pressed for a good 8 minutes in the final quarter.

Maddie Hinch saving the day on two crucial occasions in this period – causing us to chat and emphasise how important to be alert and switched on for all the game whether as an umpire you are ‘engaged’ or not!

With time running out, the Koreans took off their keeper and put on a kicking back – again confusion where the keeper went off, not from us but the Officials, leaving the keeper to run the length of her half to leave her helmet.

A taken, bouncing, moving free hit allowed England to break away and score our second goal with little time left on the clock. Korea tried to protest, they engaged with the umpire – asker her to confer – they had no referral – we saw luck was on our side – we chatted, interesting as perhaps we may have bought it back to be taken again as in a crucial area – OR WOULD WE ????!!!!!

Good input and discussion with my colleagues and some good view points to take forward to the forthcoming season. Thank you KHUA.

Anne Bartley – 31 July 2018

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